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Bonial & Associates, P.C., a Texas Professional Corporation founded in 1989, provides Nationwide Bankruptcy Services for all 50 states in combination with a curated network of other law firms who perform services as local counsel. 


The law firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and provides full-service representation for creditors on bankruptcy, foreclosure, eviction, and related litigation matters in Texas, California, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. We provide direct bankruptcy litigation throughout Texas, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.


Bonial & Associates, P.C. delivers quality legal services with an emphasis on demonstrable subject matter expertise, domain knowledge and the highest levels of compliance and professional responsibility.

Bonial & Associates, P.C. is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise and LGBTBE law firm.

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Our Locations

Bonial & Associates, P.C. boasts one of the  default industry's premiere nationwide bankruptcy practices, serving creditors for over 35 years.

The firm also provides full-service default litigation services (bankruptcy litigation, foreclosure, and related litigation) in Texas, California, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas as well as direct bankruptcy litigation services in Florida and Georgia.

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