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Bankruptcy Services

Bankruptcy Practice Group

Bonial & Associates, P.C. offers national and local bankruptcy services specifically tailored to our clients' needs.  Our firm can manage and administer high volume, nationwide bankruptcy portfolios.  The firm provides comprehensive direct representation to its clients.  Irrespective of the scope of engagement, every bankruptcy client benefits from the firm’s commitment to quality, its investments in proprietary technology including our Bankruptcy Tracking System and Bankruptcy Rules Engine.

Our talented team of national bankruptcy experts can provide any of the following services on a national, regional, state-wide or portfolio basis:

  • Proofs of Claim

  • Plan Reviews and Objections

  • Motions for Relief from Stay

  • Notices of Payment Change

  • Transfers of Claim

  • Payment Compliance and Monitoring

  • Reaffirmation Agreements

  • Bankruptcy Loss Mitigation Services

  • Defense of Debtor and Trustee Motions

  • Adversary Proceedings and Litigation

  • Discharge Audits and Reviews

Foreclosure & Related Litigation Services

Foreclosure Practice Group

The Bonial & Associates, P.C. foreclosure practice group consists of attorneys and paralegals working cohesively to achieve the best results for our clients on each and every loan.  Per client instruction, the firm pursues loss mitigation opportunities and foreclosure alternatives.  Upon foreclosure referral, we execute the foreclosure action properly, ethically and respectfully, in compliance with federal and state law, and our clients’ directives.  In addition to single family residential foreclosures, the firm’s highly qualified attorneys are experts in the areas of business purpose loans, title resolution, litigation, probate and eviction processing.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Processing

  • Title Examination

  • Due Process Noticing and Mailings

  • Notice of Default Recordings

  • Courthouse Postings

  • Notice of Sale Filing and Recording

  • Trustee Sale Efforts Coordination

  • Sale Proceeds Distribution

  • Sale Documentation Delivery

Judicial Foreclosure Processing

  • Review of Pre-foreclosure Notices

  • Title Examination

  • Complaint

  • Service

  • Default and Final Judgment

  • Sheriff’s or Referee’s Sale

  • Sale Proceeds Distribution

Ancillary Services & Special Legal Proceedings

  • Loss Mitigation and Foreclosure Alternatives

  • Foreclosure Impediment Resolution

  • Second Lien Monitoring

  • Contested Foreclosure Litigation

  • Temporary Restraining Orders

  • Financial Services Defense Litigation

  • Real Estate Closing Services

  • REO Vendor Management

  • Mortgagor and Tenant Evictions

  • Property Registration, Inspections and Code Violations

  • Deeds in Lieu

  • Title Defect Resolution, Title Policy Claims,
    Title Litigation

  • Manufactured Housing Title Conversion

  • Mobile Home Replevins

  • Suit on Note

  • Installment Land Contracts/Contract for Deed

  • Excess Proceeds/Surplus Funds

  • Deficiency Actions

  • Receiverships

  • Probate Processing

  • Government Seizures

Customized Case Reporting

  • Loan Level Reporting

  • Portfolio Reporting

  • Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

  • Total Transparency


  • Best-in-Class Enterprise Technology Systems

  • Comprehensive Data and Systems Integration

  • Document Management and Indexing

  • Data Analytics

  • Electronic Billing Integration

Judge's Table
Legal Consultant

Audit & Bankruptcy Transaction Reconciliation

Bonial & Associates, P.C. audit services have been used by 6 of the top 9 largest banks, and 3 of the top 5 largest mortgage servicers in the U.S.

Bonial & Associates, P.C. remediation project audits have satisfied Consent Orders from the Office of Comptroller of Currency as well as the United States Trustee's Executive Office for our clients. Our audit format and process overview has been provided to the United States Trustee's Office in Washington, D.C. for our clients and we have provided presentations to the members of the OCC Oversight Board.

Audit services have been provided to major banks, servicers, credit unions, and finance companies to correct systemic servicing issues, include the following items:

  • Assessment of current state of Bankruptcy case

  • Analyze payments per case requirements

  • Court ready post-petition payment histories for use in support of litigation

  • Proof Of Claim and system validation

  • Confirmation of timely and accurate filing of Payment Change Notices

  • Confirmation of timely and accurate filing of Post-Petition Fee Notices

  • Acquisition Audit to identify prior service inaccuracies and validate boarding accuracy

  • Confirmation of monthly statement data elements through creative solutions around system of record limitations

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